Ron T.

Palmdale, CA

The best money that I ever spent on a car was at a dealer auction. Thank you so much NCDA for affording me this opportunity.


Harold B.

Orlando, FL

Being a member of an association has never felt better. I have everything I need related to buying and selling cars in one stop.


Harry L.

Las Vegas, NV

I can now finally cut out the middle man and buy cars at direct wholesale price. Buying cars has never been easier.


Juan H.

Tacoma, WA

I have almost eliminated all of my overhead expense so I can enjoy big profits. Thank you so much NCDA for showing me a better way to buy and sell cars.


Richard O.

Trenton, NJ

Having assistance with getting dealer financing and financing for my customers has been phenomenal.


David K.

Memphis, TN

It fells good to be able to buy and sell cars without having to have a car lot. This has been an amazing turnaround.


William D.

Yonkers, NY

I have been in the car industry for over 20 years and I believe this is a genius idea for someone who is retired and looking to make a good income.


Jermaine C.

Atlanta, GA

This is the perfect hobby for me and my son. We enjoy the ability of having the same access to cars that the dealerships have.


Jacob J.

Pittsburg, PA

Buying and selling started off part-time. Now I do it full-time due to how easy NCDA makes the process. All my grattitude goes out to NCDA.


Fernando S.

Dallas, TX

Being a member of NCDA has enabled me to be able to send cars back to my country. Thanks NCDA.