Member Benefits


Access Car Dealer Auctions

Engage in a network of dealer only auctions. Take advantage of the ability to buy cars at deeply discounted prices, access auctions online, get vehicle reports, test drive from a selection of 1,000s of cars. Scan, leverage and buy cars at wholesale prices nationwide.


Unlimited Retail Car Sales

Have total control over each car that you buy and sell. From the auction house's showroom floor to the point of sale, you will be able to handle your own paperwork and perform transactions without any additional fees involved for each car that you sell.


Car Title Reassignments

Perform retail transactions at the point of sell through successfully transferring the title to the new buyer.  Car dealers are sales tax exempt, therefore, the buyer will be responsible for paying registration, taxes and any other title transfer fees that apply.


Dealer Transporter Plates

Eliminate registering each car that you buy as a car dealer by driving with dealer transporter plates.  Dealer transporter plates are used as a quick avenue to test drive and transport cars from one location to another.


Auto Loans & Financing

Get financing for your customers who are unable to get cars financed the traditional way. Rather your customer has no credit or bad credit, you will be able to provide them with the tools they need to buy their desired car.


Car Leasing Options

Take advantage of car leasing options through a car leasing program that is designed to meet your buyers individual needs.  From contracting a new lease to buying out someone's current lease, car leasing is an alternative to car sales.


Vehicle History Reports

Boost your confidence in the car buying process by utilizing vehicle history reports.  Knowing what you bought before you buy it makes the buying and selling process easier than ever before.


 Car Dealer Line of Credit

Enhance purchasing power by buying cars on a dealer line of credit and repay the loan once you have a qualified buyer. Choose from different terms and plans with favorable interest rates. 


Import & Export Cars

Ship cars from the car dealer auction to domestic and international locations by the way of import and export.  Receive access to international trade partners and logistical assistance.