About Us

Here is Our Story...

National Car Dealers Association mission is to provide independent car dealers and aspiring car dealers with a guideline and alternative to be able to operate as a successful car dealer.  Through educational literature, videos and our membership, car dealers are now able to buy and sell cars virtually without having to worry about the typical overhead expenses that come with operating a car dealership. 

Through trial and error, National Car Dealers Association has created a program that makes it easy for car dealers to attend car dealer auctions nationwide without having to go through the traditional process of opening up a car dealership.  National Car Dealers Association realized that the financial obligation required to open a car dealership, background checks and credit checks can all hinder a person from being able to successfully operate as a car dealer.


Our proven method has been used by thousands of car dealers nationwide and it has enabled car dealers to eliminate the expense of operating a brick and mortar car dealership.  With the capacity to perform retail car sales online, car dealers are now in total control of the buyer's experience.  National Car Dealers Association empowers car dealers to make car buying and selling a fair and seamless process.

With providing all the necessary tools needed for car dealers to succeed, National Car Dealers Association thrives from car dealers success.  Nevertheless, National Car Dealers Association has managed to assemble and partner a nationwide network of car dealers with car dealerships.  Our sharing economy model has removed the waist of unnecessary operational expenses by enabling a profitable program for car dealers that can buy and sell cars from the convenience of their own home.  National Car Dealers Association has pioneered and redefined the way that buying and selling cars should be.